Registration for the Clinic Real Estate of the Next Generation 2020

* The participants fee is € 270.
*The marked fields must be filled out in order to complete the registration process.
Please note that in case of a cancellation, a fee of 30 % of the participant fee applies. Of course you can send a colleague in your stead free of charge.

The conference will be conducted in English. Please note that no translator will be present.      
The participant is hereby notified that personal data relevant for the conference will be stored on electronic devices by the host.
The participant gives his or her consent to the collection, storage and use of personal data by Congress und Presse. The saved data will be treated confidentially. The collection, storage and use of personal data takes place upon observing the EUGDPR and the relevant national data protection laws.
The participant has the right to withdraw his or her consent in the future. In that case Congress und Presse is obligated to permanently erase the personal data immediately.

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